Analysis using multiprocessors

Analysis using multiprocessors
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Analysis using multiprocessors. Click to enlarge the image

Use of multiprocessors

CYPECAD, CYPE 3D and the Dynamic fire simulation module of CYPECAD MEP use, during the analysis process, the potential offered by multiprocessors.

To acquire these benefits, there are two modules available which allow the user to make the most of the yield advantages of the multiprocessors:

  • Parallel analysis with two multiprocessors
  • Parallel analysis with up to eight processors

Using computers containing several parallel processors and the corresponding module, an important amount of time can be saved when carrying out the analysis in CYPECAD, CYPE 3D and the Dynamic fire simulation module of CYPECAD MEP.

The time required to carry out the analysis in CYPECAD and CYPE 3D is substantially different when the Parallel analysis using two processors module is used or when the Parallel analysis using up to eight processors is used. Additionally, the time taken to re-design sections in CYPE 3D is also considerably reduced. The Dynamic fire simulation of CYPECAD MEP requires the use of the Parallel analysis using up to eight processors module to resolve complex fire simulations and, therefore, use a computer which has four or more processors.

Analysis using multiprocessors. Click to enlarge the imageThe time taken to analyse a structure does not only depend on what type of processor the computer has installed (multiprocessor or monoprocessor), other factors also intervene, such as the hardware installed on the computer, the operating system and, of course, the structure being analysed (type of floor slab introduced, presence of walls, volume of the structure to analyse, etc).

To test the yield rate of the two analysis using multiprocessors modules, we at CYPE, have carried out several comparative studies using a computer with two multiprocessors and another with four. Several jobs have been analysed in both computers using the corresponding module and without it. 

Comparative study:

The table below provides a summary of the properties of 4 jobs that were analysed and the respective time reductions in the analysis when the modules were used:

Job description
Job Number
Number of floors
Floor slab surface
areas m2
Waffle slab
5 822
4 951
23 579
Flat slab
2 181
32 432
3 713
Mat foundation
1 911
1 255
8 003
6 862
32 432
28 547
Wall lateral surface area m2
1 017
1 093
11 021
2 342
Applied loads
wind & seismic
wind & seismic
wind & seismic
wind & seismic
Analysis with 2 multiprocessors WITH module
6H 33'
1H 19'
6H 11'
3H 56'
WITHOUT module
11H 54'
2H 20'
10H 32'
6H 25'
Time saved
Analysis with 4 multiprocessors WITH module
3H 6'
3H 23'
2H 21'
WITHOUT module
9H 17'
1H 51'
8H 27'
5 H 18'
Time saved


The time saved in analysing the structure is multiplied bearing in mind that a single structure may have to be analysed several times until its optimum design is reached.

In these comparatives, for each test, the only factor that was varied was the use of the Analysis with multiprocessors module.



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